Success Stories

We first approached Ray and Matt with the purpose of creating a device which could transfer data from industrial machines onto our software. The problem was that we could not find any 'off the shelf' devices which could perform what we wanted and as a young Startup we did not have large amounts of funds to invest into R&D. Luckily, they knew exactly what we were after. We were surprised as to how much experience and knowledge they had when it came to the Internet of Things (IoT). They quickly offered to help us out so that we may get off the ground.

Doing business with Ray and Matt is a pleasure as they are great guys who are easy to deal with. They have provided us with invaluable knowledge which has helped us move forward.

We would definitely recommend Successful Endeavours to anyone who is looking to make their technological idea into a reality.

Michael Capinig and Pedro Banales

To the team at Successful Endeavours,

I have been truly amazed by the passion you have all put behind the product. This product would never have achieved the current status it has without your intense and professional approach to both the design and the consideration of how to quickly get to manufacture of this unique location device. You truly have been a breath of fresh air and made the transition from idea to manufacture an educational and smooth experience. As you know, you are the third designer of this product and the only designer to achieve manufacturing standard. For this, I applaud your expertise. I also thank you for your informative process throughout. We were never left in the dark which made it all so much easier for us to feel confident in your field. Again, thank you and I look forward to furthering design of this product in the future with Successful Endeavours.

Jason Petch

I am an electronics engineer by training but, as an immigrant to Australia, I was not aware of the existence of companies such as Successful Endeavours. Having met Ray over one of the lunches with the mayor of the City of Casey, many doors for my business have been opened. Rather than looking at the web industry from the development and marketing of websites, my passion for developing web applications has once again been ignited. With guidance from Ray, I can now see how utilising my electronic engineering passion and background can position my business apart from the competition and open a new market that I never considered.

Over the years I have seen this scenario many times. Electronic engineers either love hardware design and development, or software design and development. Their solutions are either very hardware based, and expensive, or very software based, and so easy to duplicate. Either way, many opportunities are lost due to low margins or difficulty protecting the technology. Successful Endeavours on the other hand, shares our passion for technology being a profit centre in any business rather than a cost centre. They design solutions that have an intentional balance between hardware and software. The solution works better and is also hard to duplicate. The result is an affordable, robust, unique, protected and sustainable competitive advantage.

In working with Successful Endeavours we have noticed that they also share our philosophy of looking after clients. When they handle a project they look after their client’s interest first. The solutions they deliver allow their clients to financially succeed. The result is loyalty to Successful Endeavours and a long term relationship. Successful Endeavours success is driven from their client’s success.

George Zeidan George Zeidan
Zain Digital

We have been very fortunate to have Successful Endeavours design our latest Corrosion Protection Data Logger, the Borgtech CPL2. Their expertise in analog electronics design has delivered an amazing product that goes beyond our original expectation and was so good it won 2 National Innovation Awards in 2009. Coupled with their general electronics design ability including PCB design and layout, embedded software development skills and Windows based data visualisation software they we able to provide us with the whole package of development services we needed and we have an outstanding product that will ensure our success in the market.

We can’t recommend them highly enough and look forward to working with them again on our next development project.

Pablo Varjabedian Pablo Varjabedian
Borgtech Pty Ltd

We would like to thank the team at Successful Endeavours for the professionalism they demonstrated in designing and prototyping an Integrated Circuit for our product.

From the initial consultation right through to the delivery of the final product, Ray Keefe of Successful Endeavours delivered on time, and was always responsive to our needs and requests for updates. We worked closely with Ray to perfect the circuit, which we at Safe Turn are extremely happy with.

We use the Integrated Circuit in our flagship product – the portable automatic bicycle turn signal.

We personally recommend Successful Endeavours. Job well done team, we look forward to using your services again for our next project.

  Michael Orlowski
Safe Turn Pty Ltd

I first worked with Successful Endeavours while section manager of software development at Robert Bosch. At the time I needed to complete urgent software project work and all my internal resources were fully committed. Successful Endeavours completed the particular project accurately and in a timely manner, and were a key part of the project being a success. Successful Endeavours were able to easily fit in with Bosch’s software development processes, and their work included all the unit testing for the modules delivered. If issues with the software arose, they addressed them promptly. When I required further design work, including development of a new architecture to suit automotive body computers, I had no hesitation in calling on Successful Endeavours again.

I can’t recommend Successful Endeavours highly enough.

Andrew Peter Andrew Peter
Bosch Australia

We have worked with Ray Keefe and Successful Endeavours on a wide range of product development projects for more than 10 years. Maries Production Services provides mechanical design and Successful Endeavours provides the Electronics Design and the Embedded Software for the internal Printed Circuit Boards.

One of the key reasons why Maries Production Services has teamed with Successful Endeavours for such a long time is that Ray is highly professional in both the technical knowledge and electronics design capability required to deliver the product development services we need. Further, our product development methods dovetail together well. We are able to exchange physical details of the products that ensures the electronics design and the mechanical enclosures that house the PCBs fit together as expected first time. This saves both time and cost in the overall product development process. The result is a team with a proven track record of delivering excellent products in a timely and cost-effective fashion, for the ultimate benefit of our clients.

Maries Production Services Peter Maries
Maries Production Services