Intelligent Sensors


Based on the FLEXIO platform these devices can be customised to suit almost any application.

Here are some examples of the features you could include in your design:

  • shock, vibration and tilt measurement in 2 or 3 axes

  • logging of shock profiles

  • RTC for time stamping of events

  • programmable thresholds for logging or notification

  • outputs can be asserted based on programmable thresholds

  • inputs can create message triggers or be logged

  • RS232 communications up to 115200 BAUD

  • analog output for applications not requiring RS232 communications

  • supports analog inputs, digital inputs, 1-wire bus support

  • digital outputs can also include protection against direct connection to power supply rails

  • programmable digital filtering to control sensor effective bandwidth and avoid spurious triggers

  • programmable input debouncing

  • code download to allow reprogramming in the field - new requirement, new code, same hardware

  • fully encapsulated for robust protection in harsh environments

  • UV, oil, water and abrasion resistant cabling available

  • can be automotive transient protected

  • can include custom interfaces to RF communication devices

We also supply complete documentation of the communications protocol so you can develop your own application based on these sensors. You are not locked into our products for data capture.

We can alter the protocol and add features to suit your needs.

These products are extremely flexible. We have found that each customer's requirements are unique. Most customers prefer to negotiate a specification and supply of a fixed quantity of devices to suit their requirements.