Electronics Design - Products Made in Australia


This section gives you an example of some of the product types we have developed for our customers. We do not manufacture for ourselves and do not compete with you. Our aim is to provide products and intellectual property to Australian manufacturers so they can become even more successful on the local and international markets.


The FLEXIO technology was developed as a platform for very low cost wired, radio or remote based industrial controls. Although they can be used hard wired, they also excel over radio with multiple devices sharing a single frequency. The communication is robust and can tolerate interference and power outages.

Intelligent Sensors

Measurement of shock, vibration and tilt can be done more cost effectively than ever before using the latest range of solid state accelerometers coupled with DSP capable processors. All this in a fully potted assembly with industrially robust construction and a standard protocol with sample source code and a demonstration application.

Add customised IO for digital or analog inputs, protected digital outputs and 1-wire bus support at your request.

Based on the FLEXIO platform these devices can be customised to suit almost any application.

Domestic and Industrial Controls

Using the latest and most cost effective technologies we can develop controls for domestic and light industrial products that can give your business a significant market edge in both the Local and International market place.

Electronics Development

Custom electronics for analog signal processing, digital signal processing and embedded microcontroller and microprocessor systems.

Audio Engineering

With over 20 years experience developing systems and solutions for the Australian and international industry, we can help with a wide range of projects.