Our Electronics Product Design and Embedded Software Capabilities


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The following is a list of the electronics design and embedded software services that we supply to our clients. We offer a range of cost effective services to Australian manufacturers and an understanding of the need for successful electronics products that meet the investment balance between development cost, unit cost and time to market.

Electronics Product Development – for some clients we handle the whole thing

  • requirements capture and review
  • software and hardware architectural design
  • functional decomposition
  • reviewing marketing data to identify features versus price point
  • documentation, testing, revision control, verification, validation

Electronics Hardware Development

  • active and passive circuit design
  • printed circuit board design and layout in Protel/Altium Designer
  • impedance controlled routing for high speed interfacing and RF
  • prototypes
  • design audits
  • low power and battery powered design
  • analog electronics including preamplifiers, low noise and low distortion design
  • active and passive filters including high order active filters
  • power electronics including MOSFET, IGBT, SCR, TRIAC and PWM design
  • AC, DC and BLDC motor control
  • linear, charge pump and switch mode power supply design
  • automotive electronics including load dump rated power supplies and peripheral interfaces
  • intelligent sensors with on board microcontrollers and communications interfaces
  • LIN, CAN, RS232, RS485, USB, Ethernet and custom wired communications
  • TCP/IP, 802.15.4, ZIGBEE and custom low power radio communications
  • active RFID with accurate distance to target measurement
  • data logging and FLASH data storage including power failure tolerant storage
  • IR communications including operation in full sunlight
  • motor controllers including stepper, BLDC and DC
  • security card readers including iButton, Proxcard, MiFare, iClass, Indala, Weigand
  • wireless data acquisition systems
  • variable colour RGB LED drivers
  • mains power supplies
  • pump controllers
  • consumer and industrial controls
  • ESD, EMC, RFI, transient protected inputs and outputs
  • design for manufacture
  • very low cost production ATE systems to complement our design for manufacture service

Embedded Software Development

  • embedded software development in C
  • Atmel AVR specialists
  • TI MSP430 specialists
  • also working with 8051, ARM (including NXP LPC2000 and Atmel SAM7), NEC 78K and V850, Renesas MC16 RC8/tiny, ST7, PIC and dSPIC, 6801, 80x86
  • IAR toolsets
  • Borland C++ Builder for PC/Windows based code
  • state machine design and coding
  • communications protocols
  • DSP and highly efficient translation of analog filters to software
  • debouncing, noise rejection and fault tolerant design
  • unit testing and automated software testing
  • peer code reviews and code walk through
  • full system simulation – you can test the code before the PCB is available

Electronics Manufacturing Support

  • ATE – at a price point that really surprises most of our clients
  • electronic serial numbering, calibration and production records
  • cost reduction and reduced rework
  • reduced field returns
  • EMC, C-Tick, A-Tick, CE, FCC, FDA and FCC compliance assistance
  • production processes, procedures and fixtures

Mechanical Services – through our supply chain

  • laser and NC cut and fold sheet metal
  • plastic injection moulded cases and structural members
  • membrane panels, labels, rating plates
  • die cast cases
  • machined and drilled components
  • springs and terminals
  • seals including IP67 and IP68 rated

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