Embedded Software

We offer contract software development. We can work with your team or provide a turnkey service according to your requirements.

Key Benefits

  • world competitive development experience
  • embedded design in C (and Assembler)
  • prototyping and pilot run capability
  • total design solutions minimise cost and produce superior products


Embedded design in C:

  • shorter time to market and lower development cost
  • in system programming to reduce development and debugging cycles
  • low power, handheld and wake on demand applications
  • serial communications
  • bootloader and self programming design
  • Atmel AVR, TI MSP430, Renesas M16C and R8C, Phillips LPC2000
  • IAR C a specialty
  • advanced software development and documentation tools to improve code and reduce testing

PC host software:

  • use of Borland Studio toolset for complementary PC software
  • direct interface to embedded devices
  • support for in system programming and automated calibration of embedded devices
  • no need for inefficient interfaces using HyperTerminal

Prototyping and pilot run:

  • see Electronics Development for more details
  • reduced cost and timeframe by selection of the best combination of hardware and software design strategy and by incorporating traditional analog sections into software DSP
  • enclosure and fixtures sourcing
  • custom enclosure design through local and international alliances


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