2009 EDN Innovation Awards

Successful Endeavours received two out of the 15 Electronics Design and Software awards presented at the 2009 EDN Innovation Awards:

  • 2009 Best Application of Analogue Design - Highly Commended
  • 2009 Best Application of Design Software - Highly Commended

For more details on the story behind these awards please check out the following blog posts:

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EDN Innovation Awards 2009


Successful Endeavours - Winner of Two Highly Commended Awards at EDN Innovation Awards 2009

Our thanks go to Pablo Varjabedian of Borgtech Pty Ltd for his support and encouragement and for having the vision, as we do, that niche electronics and embedded software products like the Borgtech CPL2 Data Logger can, and should be, manufactured in Australia.

"We have been very fortunate to have Successful Endeavours design our latest Corrosion Protection Data Logger, the Borgtech CPL2. Their expertise in analog electronics design has delivered an amazing product that goes beyond our original expectation and was so good it won 2 National Innovation Awards in 2009. Coupled with their general electronics design ability including PCB design and layout, embedded software development skills and Windows based data visualisation software they were able to provide us with the whole package of development services we needed and we have an outstanding product that will ensure our success in the market.

We can’t recommend them highly enough and look forward to working with them again on our next development project."

Pablo Varjabedian
Borgtech Pty Ltd

Read Pablo's experience of working with us in the development of the Borgtech CPL2: Low Cost, Great Service Electronic Design