PACE Zenith Awards 2015

We have only just heard. You probably already know that we are finalists for the Endeavour Awards 2015 this year with 3 of our projects. Today we got the news that we are finalists in 4 categories at the PACE Zenith Awards for 2015. I’m sure at least one of you is wondering whether I spend all my time just applying for awards. The answer is no. I didn’t even apply for these. PACE saw the entries we put into the Endeavour Awards and decided they would also be good candidates for the PACE Zenith awards and asked me if it would be OK if they entered them for us. You can guess the answer I’m sure.

PACE Zenith Awards 2015

PACE Zenith Awards 2015

As a result, we are finalist in 4 categories for the 3 projects they nominated us for. The 4 categories are:

  • Water and Wastewater
  • Best Fieldbus Implementation
  • Power and Energy Management
  • Transport Power and Infrastructure

Both out IoT Platform (Internet of Things Platform) and Telemetry Host web hosted back end qualify for all of these, and the ABB CQ930 power factor correction controller and multi-bank or multi-stage capacitor controller supports the Power and Energy Management and also the Transport Power and Infrastructure categories.

The awards winners are announced at the PACE Zenith Awards dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel Sydney on June 11th 2015.

Wish us luck.

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